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  1. I used copy of data disc. It copied only half of the information on the original disc and then told me to inseart the disc to copy. I thought it make it in 2 steps so I entered a new 8,5 GB disc and pressed "burn". After about 30 seconds i got following message: dev. Invalid Addresses To Write. Could not write to disc (LBA: 29184 Length 32) Invalid address for write -0x052102. The disc was of course destroid and was impossible to get out. After restart it came out. System used What was wrong??? Regards Christer Törsleff
  2. I tried to copy a 8,5 GB double layer DVD but in the middle of thew burning I was told that it did not succeed. I tried 3 times with same result. It burned with high speed. To high? Then I spoke to the service guys at PC City, Upplands Väsby, and they told me I need to update the Liteon frame ware. I did that and got a new "KLOP-update" with a SMART function which should control the speed. Do you use this function and shall I test again or wait for implement?
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