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  1. running smoothe here and thanks flo!
  2. Will it be posted soon? thank yuo
  3. http://www.cdburnerxp.se/development can you tell me what happened to the download link? this version in question is not the beta version thank you
  4. If anyone has the new version of the .exe. file please pm me, I have some folks at BBR forum who would like it I deleted mine....thanks
  5. http://www.cdburnerxp.se/en/download web page still has older version where did it go?? thanks
  6. Mariuss. do you have a screenshot by chance??
  7. Running so smooth, I am very happy thanks Flo just a quick question please....when can you update the main website to coincide with the new releases?? thanks
  8. Whats New: Version 2008-07-09 18:35:37 * Hidden files are now shown or hidden according to the system settings ! Fixed NullReferenceException when adding cda files from hard disk ! Fixed NullReferenceException when playing tracks ! Fixed a NotSupportedException ! Fixed ArgumentNullExceptions and ArgumentExceptions ! Fixed an InvalidOperationException ! Fixed an OverflowException + New Feature * Changed/Improved Feature ! Fixed Bug - Removed Feature (possibly because of because of many bugs) Download: CDBurnerXP Pro 4.1 Changelog: CDBurnerXP
  9. CDBurnerXP Released Whats New: Version 2008-06-28 10:41:37 + Added export function to the file errors report dialog ! Fixed a System.FormatException and System.InvalidOperationException ! Fixed ArgumentException when browsing for a video-DVD image ! Fixed two NullReferenceExceptions ! Fixed a missing translation ! Fixed ExternalException when accessing clipboard data ! Fixed option "never ask for special files" ! Fixed "All users" shortcut ! Fixed copying audio discs + New Feature * Changed/Improved Feature ! Fixed Bug - Removed Feature (possibl
  10. v. is what I meant to post..sorry
  11. Running as smooth as butter!! thanks Flo and Co.
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