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  1. Normal Windows error message:' CDBurner has encountered a problem and must close.' I think it arose after a Windows update although I don't know which one. Solved the problem by doing a Windows Repair. May seem a bit drastic but I had to get CDBurner working again, it's such a great program.
  2. CDburner will not initialise. Error message. Encountered a problem. Code: 0xe0434f4d
  3. Changed the media from Fujifilm DVD-R 16x. Tried Memorex DVD+R 16x and epro DVD-R 8x, both worked perfectly. Didn't have to update the firmware. Thanks for your help.
  4. When I update firmware must I do it consequentially or can I do it in one step eg. from 1.0d to 2.0e?
  5. When burning dvd's I continually get error message after about 2%. 'sense key: 3asc: 73ascq: 3. I have trawled the net but get conflicting answers. Any help would be appreciated.
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