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  1. Firstly, let me say CDB XP is truly excellent. It is my burner of choice and up until now has managed everything thrown at it. However after backing up my Wii Sport DVD using RAWDUMP and getting an ISO I find that there is an error message when I try to burn the image using CDB. Basically it says it's an invalid image. It isn't - it is just a different format. You can't read a Wii image's filesystem like you can say a PS2's using Explorer. It will tell you the image is corrupted. However, you can burn the image with Nero and the backup will then work in the Wii itself, provided of course you have the appropriate equipment. There should therefore be a check within CDB that verifies whether or not an image is valid. Would it be possible to put a checkbox in (defaulting to off) to indicate whether or not this check should be bypassed? This should enable the burning of the image "as-is" - like Nero does. I did burn the Wii image with Nero - but I had to re-install Nero because I use CDB!!! The backed up game worked fine.
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