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  1. Well.. you must consider it this way: as more the filesizes people burn are growing the more your program becomes obsolete. E.g. nobody with a DVD burner would use today a program that can burn only CDs. Once somebody installs Nero so he can burn big files he would deinstall DCBXP. At least it would be nice if you had specified the limitations of your program. Nobody likes to sacrifice DVDs to find them out. (Don't ask me how I know.) Eugen
  2. In windows explorer you have this: In CDBXP the upper two file selection windows represent also a filexplorer. What I need in the filexplorer of CDBXP is the implementation of this 3 arrows. They should do exactly the same thing they do in Windows explorer. [1] Yes I noted this. Problem is, when I start CDBXP first and switch in Windows to "show hidden files" CDBXP will not reread this setting. So I need to restart CDBXP. Eugen [1] Ofcourse I can navigate confortably in Windows Explorer and jut drop the selected files from there into the two layout windows of CDBXP, but
  3. It would be welcome as an option to dissable it, but don't remove it (as Flo intended in another post) completly. For me this status window is very useful. Eugen
  4. I was many times at the point to integrate CDBurnerXP in the installations I do for my customers. (We speak here about batches of 200-300 workstations.) But every time my decision felt to another software. CDBurner would have be the best tehnical selection, but in the business world you need more than that (reliability, support possibility, etc.) so I renounced. The biggest obstacle for CDBurnerXP to become a widespread piece of software is his developer and his infantile acting. Eugen
  5. Only when you don't use UDF. Problem is you need UDF if you want files bigger than 2 GB on your DVD. CDBurnerXP burns damaged UDF tags so you could not continue the DVD with a new session as the old UDF tag can not be read. (In fact you waste your DVDs.) It is a bug propagated for years in lot of versions of CDBurnerXP and was asked by zilions of people to be fixed. Eugen
  6. That is interesting; one user ask something (in this case to remove something useful about nobody complained) and you jump in to remove it in the next version. On the other hand zilions of users aksed for fixing the bad UDF tag and nothing happens for years. Eugen
  7. Hi! What about integrating a back, forth and up arrow in the filemanager of CDBurnerXP? I often search my drives for files of the right size to fit for filling a dvd so I need to jump back and forth in different directories. I can do this with the actual version too, but it is a lot more unconfortable as if I could do it like in the MS-Explorer. Another thing: could it be made that I see hidden files in CDBurnerXP too? At the moment I need to put the MS-Explorer to show all files before I can see them in CDBurner. Eugen
  8. OK, will it be fixed someday? I am tired to waste more DVDs. Freeware... oh yeah... comes cheaper to buy a software made by professionals. Eugen
  9. Same thing here. Have a TSST Corp. SH-S128D and now I have the 3rd DVD-R (Princo 4x) with this problem. If I were responsable, I would retract this version of the software as long as a fixed one is released. Previous versions did not have this bug. Downgraded to the previous version but this one still can not read the UDF tag. I will try if Nero can read the tag or maybe will ignore it and use only the Joliet descriptors. (Need to reinstall Nero.) Eugen
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