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  1. ahci enabled here and my drive is not detected. Samsung SH-203B
  2. Same issue here, same model burner, latest firmware. If it helps any, AHCI is enabled in the BIOS. Vista Ultimate x64
  3. Seems like it would've just been faster/easier to provide the OP with a step by step "How to". Steps on how to Copy.. 1. Load CDBurnerXP 2. From "Select New Project" screen, choose "Create Data CD/DVD" 3. File menu, "Copy ISO Disc" 4. Select your source and destination drives as necessary and other options, then click "Copy Disc" Incidentally, if you were to choose "hard disc" in the Target Device dropdown, this is how you would create an ISO file of the CD instead of copying from 1 drive to another. I hope that helps
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