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  1. I have dug around in the interface for CDBurnerXP and haven't found a way of burning a disk with hidden files or directories on it.

    There have been plenty of times in the past when I've built a CD or DVD with a hidden directory, so as to not distract the end user of the disk with extra information, filled with extra icons, or test programs. I don't want to have the files be hidden when they are on my source machine, just to be able to mark it with that attribute when it gets created on the disk.

    Thanks. Wim.

  2. I've tried selecting the ISO9660/Joliet or the ISO9660 selection for burnign a DVD, but after burning, the disk reports ISO9660 Joliet UDF for those same disks.

    My standalone DVD player isn't working with these disks, and the only thing I can come up with that is different from the nero essentials produced DVD is that the Nero disks are ISO9660 Joliet disks with no UDF.

  3. I'm having problems getting a DVD that's readable in my Toshiba DVD Player. I'm pretty certain it's because of the file format, but I've spent the better part of an hour burning several disks in an attempt to get things working. (I told it to burn IsoLevel1 / Joliet / UDF, followed by ISOLevel2 / Joliet / UDF, followed by UDF only, followed by ISO only. When I tried the ISO Only, it still built a 3 file system disk.)

    FYI: My DVD Player is Toshiba SD-4000KU (or maybe SD-4000KC, the manual is for both units, and that's what I've got here)

    When I burn DVDs from Nero Essentials, I can play the disks. I Loaded one of those disks, and looked at the Disk Information screen and it says ISO9660 JOLIET.

    When I attempt to burn a fresh disk with the ISO9660/Joliet option and then look at it after it's been burned, it always says ISO9660 JOLIET UDF. I am using CDBurnerXP

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