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  1. I've burned audio files using CDburner before so I know it can be done. But suddenly I'm finding that no matter how few songs (Mp3s) I select to burn I always get the message that the data exceeds etc. It says the disk is empty so it's not doing it because it's already used. I can count up the megs and see that the compilation is nowhere near the capacity of the CD. Am I doing something wrong that I'm missing? It used to be that I could burn CDs and get several complete albums on a disk. Then I could barely get one and now it's saying none. Help!
  2. Hmmm. For some reason it won't and I have the new version from this weekend. What else might it be? Jeanne
  3. I just tried to burn a disk but the files turned out to be ogg format. I tried reading about the format in Wikipedia but it's all Greek to me as I have no background in audio formats. Is there some way to change ogg files to ones CDBurnerXP can burn? Jeanne
  4. Ok, since my last post I've burned several disks with different music than the ones that didn't work. Now I suddenly get the above message when I am trying to burn a disk. I double checked the disk (which I had just removed from the container) in windows explorer and it shows it is indeed empty. The size of the combined musical pieces is about 41megs, less than the other disks I've burned (from the same container). Yet it's still telling me I don't have enough space on the disk. PLUS, when it tells me that and I click on "OK", it just gives me the same error message rather than sending me back into the program so I can try to change it. There is no way to get out of this I can find other than clicking and clicking until it must get tired of me and closes out. Until then it's the only window in the program it will let me access. It must take 20 clicks to make it stop. Is it me, or what?
  5. I went back later and the link came up. No idea why it didn't the first times I tried it. I found the "second symptom" and it's solution and downloaded Audacity. To the left of the graph of the file it says "stereo, 48000 HZ." Is that the sample rate? If it is, it seems like it should be fine as it's over 44000, or is there something else I don't know that affects it?
  6. I tried the link you gave but it led to nothing. Their server could be down or perhaps you copied it down wrong? (though I imagine you just copy/pasted it in so that's prolly not it.) I'll try again later. About the FAQ. I did read it and didn't find anything that was exactly my problem. Since you referenced it, perhaps I missed something. I'll check again if you say it's in there. Thanks.
  7. I have a Pentium 4 running XP. I burned an audio disk last night then tried to burn another one later today and got the above message. CDs from the same package. I thought perhaps I didn't have enough space on my HD so I deleted some stuff (I'd added some things since the first burn) until I had nearly 2G of empty space but it still didn't work. What could the problem be?
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