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  1. Sorry for the tone of my message. I shouldn't write posts late at night when I'm tired. I'm grateful for your reply, even if it's not the answer I'd hoped. Jim
  2. Is CDBurnerXP smart enough to convert NTFS hard links and symbolic links to the equivalent on UDF, such that the file is only stored once regardless of the number of links? My understanding is that the UDF file system supports both hard links and symbolic links. Roxio Creator is definitely not smart enough to do this (big surprise) but it's a significant issue for me because I'm trying to back up a software development tree that uses both hard links and soft links to 1GB+ files. If the files are duplicated, then the data won't fit on a DVD. Thanks for the help. Jim (BTW, if you think that "Windows doesn't support links", please RTFM. Windows Vista fully supports symbolic links and hard links have been supported by Windows NT since the beginning.)
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