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  1. Didin't even see the 660 version on the site, but it worked like a charm!! All is well. Thanks for the help and for providing such a great piece of software!!
  2. I had the version of this software running great. Somewhere down the line it started getting errors when writing to a CD. I used the integrated Vista64 writer to create a CD with no problem so I know it's not the hardware. I noticed that there was a new version out so I installed the When I launch it it asks for the default language and when I select it, I get a crash report screen that just hangs there. Buttons don't work, can't move the window it just hangs there. The menu dialog also pos up. I can select stuff from it and move it around but I'm not sure it's really working. I have to kill the crash report screen with task manager and the both the menu and crash screen terminate. I've seen lots of Vista64 folks recommend CDBurner and I had it running great for a long time. I'm wondering if a Vista update trashed it somehow. Can you let me know if there are any issues with this running on Vista64 w/latest patches? Thanks for any help!!
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