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  1. D:HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B title: Disc total space: 4.09GB used space: 4.09GB free space: 0 Bytes type: DVD Rom file system: UDF bootable: no disk is open: no protection: none DVD information: no information Session 01 Sorry for delay in getting back.
  2. I have WinXP with lots of space. I'm using CDburnerXP, v I am trying to copy a dvd. Actually, I was able to copy one dvd, but when I tried to copy a second dvd, it came up with a window which said, Disk Space Required, Available space: 25.88 GB, Required space: 173.11 GB. I probably don't understand the meaning of available space and required space, but these are dvds, not blueray disks. Why such large numbers?. I rebooted, and repeated the above results. Why could I copy dvd 1, but not dvd 2?
  3. Flo, After burning the DVD-R mentioned in my note above, I placed it in the D: drive and a blank DVD-RW in the E: drive. Next, I copied the contents of D to E. It took about 18 min and worked very well. Apparently, there is something peculiar about the original source disk which prevented the copy operation. One thing odd happened: on the Copying Disk screen, as copying was progressing, the last note said "Writing process started at 20X". This was surely not correct, because my DVD-RW disk can only be written at 2X, according to the label. Is this a bug? I'm not sure what all th
  4. I'll try this again! I have WinXP, SP3, using CDBurnerXP V This morning I attempted to copy a DVD to a blank DVD-R without success. The source DVD was put in the D: drive and the blank DVD-R was in the E: drive (which is able to write DVDs). The source DVD contains 2445 jpg files (my old slide collection) plus a few other files. The total size is about 1.5 GB (a guess). After going through the process for a while, about 50% of the files had been read when there appeared the following note: "The drive E:HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4040B has changed or been disconnected and
  5. I put a note on this forum this morning (6/29) concerning a problem with copying a DVD. This afternoon, the note is no longer on the forum! Why was it removed?
  6. I tried to do what you said last night, but it didn't work. So I will try again. The first time, I saved the image as a bmp file. An error message said I could not use bmp files, so I saved the image as a gif. Let's see if that works.
  7. I don't know how to send you a screenshot. Tell me and I will.
  8. I'm using WinXP, SP3, and CDBXP V I just finished burning a DVD with many jpg files, and I left the disk open. The data at the bottom of the screen says 145 Folders and 1112 files. That is probably OK, but I don't know for certain. What seems odd is that the green bar which represents the degree of "fullness" of the blank DVD-R after burning, is across the bottom to within 1/4 inch of the right margin (98%?). The number of MB is said to be 3407.81MB, which may be OK. Why does the bar extend so close to the right margin, since the disk supposedly holds 4.7 GB? I would have e
  9. I have CDBXP V When looking at the development progress, I see a bug fix labeled 782 which was done to correct the incorrect burning displayed while copying a disk to disk. Would this mean that V4.1.2.789 should no long have the incorrect burning speed indicated? Yesterday, I copied a DVD to another DVD, and the burning speed indicated was 762649x, which was obviously wrong. Is there still a problem? Or do I misunderstand what I mentioned in the first paragraph?
  10. I have CDBXP, V4.1.2.789 and WinXP, SP3. I recent burned a DVD-RW with about 4 GB of .jpg files. That went fairly well. Then I tried to copy the DVD-RW to a DVD-R. The DVD-RW is in Drive D, and the DVD-R is in drive E, which is intended to write DVDs. After about 15 minutes of reading the DVD-RW, a screen came up saying I should insert a writable disk. Of course I had a writable disk already in drive E. I tried this operation twice, with the same result. By the way, the DVD-R could not be seen with my file manager anymore (Total Commander), I assume because something had been written
  11. I have WinXP, SP2, using CDBXP V4.1.2.678. I recently copied a CD of MP3 files. Everything went well except the screen said "Burning process successfully completed at speed 762649x (114397 350KB/s). Wow! I can't believe my CD-Rs are so fast! It took about 20 minutes to complete. Surely the speed value is wrong, isn't it? Is this a known bug?
  12. Using Disk Information in CDBXP, it shows only one session and one track for all six files, just like ISOBuster. Tell me, when you add files to a disk which has not been closed, do you see multiple sessions with CDBXP V4.1.1.660? Or is this oddity peculiar to my set up or system?
  13. OK. I'm glad to see that Ignore Previous Sessions behaved as you would expect. However, is there no way to recover the previously recorded files? I can't even see them with ISOBUSTER. Here is what I did next. Erased the disk to start over again. Recorded 2 files, opened the burner drive, exited CDBXP, reopened CDBXP, and recorded two more files with the disk left open. Then I repeated this procedure again with two more files. Looking at the disk with ISOBUSTER, I see Session One, Track One with all six files. Shouldn't I see three sessions? Or do I misunderstand just what a ses
  14. I am a newbie with this software. I just installed V4.1.1.660, and tried burning Data as follows: I added two files to the Compilation window, burned the disk with the disk left open, so I could add more files later. This I did 5 or 6 times. All the files appeared on the disk, but all in only one session. Can someone explain how 2 or more sessions are created? I looked at the DVD-RW disk with ISOBUSTER and saw only one session, also. I thought that adding the files piecemeal would create new sessions each time, but that didn't happen. Hence, my question. I also added two more file
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