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  1. I agree with Bob Kravetz. There is a problem. The leave open selection is being ignored in the program and the ONLY way to leave a disk open is to use the advanced option and manually uncheck the Finalize box. Clearly a programming error. It must have caused a lot of wasted Cd's and DVD's until the users did the research. Surely this is an easy fix? Perhaps an .ini file change?
  2. Using Win-XP + sp2 and cdburnerxp4. I am not sure if this is a bug, but even if one loads an open disk and elects to leave it open, CDBURNERXP4 still finalizes the disk. In my case, I am using a CD for back up purposes, multiple times. I discovered that before burning, if I opt to do a custom burn, I am shown a window where "Finalize Disk" has been pre-selected as a default! Even though leave the disk open has been selected on the previous page. Having thus removed the check mark manually, cdburnerxp4 then leaves the disk open. This seems to me to be a design flaw. Is there any way to flip this default setting so that the disks are left open automatically, unless specifically changed, please? Thank you Swamiji You may contact me at swameejee at netzero.net
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