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  1. So, is there anything I can do ? I can't find any usable option or command line parameter that can help me. I don't think this situation is normal, such a huge difference of DVD verifying time from one version to another, is not something that can be expected much less desirable.
  2. I have been using CDBurnerXP for quite a while in it's different versions, burned hundreds of DVDs and I still love this program, however with this new version, I found this issue. When I upgraded to version everything was working as expected. But when I installed version, I noticed that the verify process was taking longer than usual, in fact, before for a 4 GB Data DVD+R, it took me with version about 16-17 min, but with version it was taking about 19-20 min, ok, no big deal for a couple of minutes. But now with version it is taking me now about 30-35 minutes to burn the same kind of DVD on the same machine and same settings. So, I looked into the log, and noticed that the burning process was the same, about 10 mins, while the verify process was taking longer with every new version. So, could someone take a look at this ? DELL Dimension 9100 Pentium D 3.2 GHz 2 MB RAM 250 GB HD OS : Windows XP SP2 DVD Writer : Philips DVD+/-RW DVD8701
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