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  1. More information: Apparently I did have a file whose total path name was over 107 characters. I tried renaming a couple of things and suddenly I was able to switch to ISO9660 successfully (I hope). There is still a problem in that the software does not correctly identify the problem, indicate which filename(s) it objects to, and give me a clear path to resolving the problem. "Internal SDK error" is not helpful.
  2. I've been using CDBurnerXP for years, and never had an unresolvable problem, until now. I'm trying to burn a bunch of .mp3 files onto a CD. The CD is rated for 700MB, and there are 685MB worth of files, so there should be plenty of room. Problem is that CDBurnerXP defaults to the UDF filesystem, which the stereo in my car will not recognize. Any disks burned using UDF are unreadable there. So I try to change the file system to ISO9660, since I know ISO9660 disks work fine. To do this, I go to Disc -> Change file system..., which brings up the dialog "File System Settings". I
  3. True, it wouldn't prevent the OC .dll from being extracted by the installer like all the other files. But that isn't what I suggested. What I would prefer is for the OpenCandy code to not be executed on my system. Extracting the file to a temporary folder is not an issue, so long as it is deleted with all the other temporary files extracted by the installer, and so long as none of the OpenCandy code is executed. Over-optioned? I don't think users would mind one more choice if it determines whether or not some extra program unrelated to CDBurnerXP is executed during installation. I
  4. I sympathize with your desire to earn a little something for your work, Flo, but I have to admit I have my concerns about OpenCandy as well. It may or may not be perfectly safe. I don't know. Their privacy policy may or may not be honest. I don't know. But I would rather not put it on my system - that way I know that it's not having any effect. Maybe I'm paranoid. I don't know. But ultimately it's your choice and I wouldn't dream of taking that away from you. Without going into the question of what xyzware categories OpenCandy might or might not fit into, you ask: how can we mak
  5. I hope so! I love CDBurnerXP and would hate to have to start trying to find something else I can rely on instead, but this bug is obviously a show-stopper for me and makes the program pretty much useless for my needs. Is there any information I can provide that might help you track this problem down and fix it?
  6. Hi, I've been using CDBurnerXP for years and until today I've never had a problem that couldn't be resolved with it. But this one has me baffled. I'm running Vista SP1 on a fairly modern laptop with plenty of RAM, etc. This morning, I decided to upgrade my CDBXP from the 4.0.0.x (don't recall exactly what version I had) to the latest currently available, Upgrade seemed to go fine, without any problem. Next, I tried to assemble an audio CD exactly as I've done it many times before with the 4.0.0 version of CDBXP: I take the three fairly long .mp3 files (about 24-25 minute
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