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  1. I have used CDBurnerXP for some time now and never had a problem. Just recently I did a clean install of XP on 2 PCs. When I create a data disk, the process completes and I can eject the CD or DVD from the drive. As soon as I try to cancel out of the program it stops responding. Not only that, but it severely impacts XP in that I can no longer run any programs nor can I shut the PC down. The reason is that the CDPurnerXP process is running and cannot be stopped by either Windows Task Manager or even a program such as task killer. I had used BitDefernder for some time and switched to
  2. Thanks, That only works if you want to create an audio CD. I was interested in creating a data disk of MP3 files and in that view drag and drop do not work.
  3. I do not see any way to order the list of songs that I want to burn the way I want them to appear. I want to be able to arrange the songs as they appear on the original CD. This is easy to do in iTunes by creating a playlist. I am new at CDBurnerXP and have heard good things about it but I cannot figure this one out.
  4. How does one get the beta version? It says it is only available to certain contributors. Any idea when the beta will be released as the next version? Any alternate program that allows you to sort the files the way you want as order does count. I am surprised that this was not available before this.
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