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  1. IsoBuster can make it possible to see the "lost" session, but it cannot undo whatever went wrong so that it is an integrated disc with all file viewable and accessible from the CD. CDBurnerXP clearly has a bug. It instructs one to choose an option that does not end in finalizing the disc, yet when I tried to continue CDBurnerXP encountered what the program saw as a serious error, saying the file names were too long and had to be trucated. So the trucated files can be seen with IsoBuster, but it cannot undo CDBurnerXP's inability to do what it said it could do - allow one to continue to add to the disc. How can I clearly describe this problem so that it can be reported as a bug? Thanks, Trudy
  2. I burned the disc without finalizing it, intent on finishing the project today. When I opened the saved compilation I got an error message about file names being too long. I clicked whatever was required. While the files already burned did not show, I added the files to complete the disc and burned them. The disc is now full. The problem is the first compilation no longer shows up. The files must actually be there, perhaps the error just chopped of their names, otherwise there would be very little on the disc, yet it is completely full. How can I recover these files - and why, since this program explained that if I chose the option not to finalize the disc that I could add more files and also delete or change the names of files on the disc. I have put so many hours in creating this disc. Can anyone help?
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