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  1. I've just tried Roxio Creator DE and successfully burnt an XBMC compatiable DVD > 2Gb. This is using the default data disc settings of TAO, Mode 1, IS0+Joliet.
  2. Sorry, I should have mentioned Nero has no such problems making data DVDs for XBMC, but I don't like the bulk of that program and would much rather use CDBurnerXP
  3. I've got this exact same problem attempting to burn a data DVD for use with XBMC, "The path is not found or invalid" Did some experimenting, XMBC can read all formats, includs the default burn mode in CDBurnerXP, ISO9660/UDF/Joliet. I've tracked it down to how much data is burnt to the disc. Anything under 2Gb in total data (multiple folders, no file larger than 800mb) is OK. Once I burn 3 or more movies to a disc (> 2gb) I get the above error. Can anyone make sense of this and provide a solution ?
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