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  1. Hi, just to let you know - when I click on the "look for updates" button in CDBurnerXP, the message I get must have been wrong for a long time (I had until now). It kept telling me I had the most recent version, which is not the case, as I saw when checking the download site myself. Regards, Lila
  2. This is what I meant with: It reads th RG info tags and adjusts the volume accordingly when burning audio discs. I think I was expressing my thoughts not clear enough, and got confused when you denied the above mentioned line. Anyway... I am delighted that the programme does what I meant.
  3. Well that was my question above, does it merely include RG tags or does it transform the actual audio data according to the RG tags. Perhaps I wasn´t clear enough. OK, then I will have to use a third tool. I think "mp3gain" does what I meant. Thanks for specifying
  4. OK, sorry, I must have mixed it up with a different thing. It seems that you need Nero if you want to burn CDs with foobar, which I do not want to anyway. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foobar2000 or http://www.netzwelt.de/news/71715-tutorial-audio-cds-brennen-mit-foobar2000.html or http://www.fooblog2000.com/components Well, it would still make sense if you play the burnt CDs on plyers with ReplayGain support only (Software player, or some new portable devices). But great to hear that CDBurnerXP can "translate" the RP info tags into audio data modification. Thank you!
  5. Hello everybody, first of all, I am fond of CDBurnerXP, it has so many functions but still is simple and lightweight. Thanks and respect! Now, slightly shocked by enormous volume differences in a freshly created audio cd, I´ve got some questions on Replay Gain that I haven´t been able to find reliable answers for. 1) In KB 97 it is said: (about attaching RG info tags to files): Can anyone name another tool? I don´t want to buy Nero just to use foobar in order to feed CD Burner XP... 2) Then I don´t really understand: on the one hand, it is said that OK, but this is still the pa
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