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  1. Personally I feel this feature is very important as it allows more freedom. Would really love the program if it did.
  2. I didnt. Should I?! And I did try it in the new version too it didnt work
  3. Yeah I can confirm this problem it took just five minutes burning a complete dvd on my pc and 20 minutes to verify it! And I have the latest version
  4. I did try that but it didn't work. I set it to 8x after i chose the let me choose the advanced settings. But the next time I selected the leave the disc open it burnt the dvd at 16x. Maybe it was a bug in the older version?! I just got the updated one and I haven't tried that yet.
  5. I really don't want to burn the dvd's at max speed as its more likely to produce burn errors. But If there was an option for selecting a default speed in the options tab there would be no need to change the speed every time. This option eliminates need to set the speed every time and there is a problem of not able to continue session when I select the "let me choose advanced settings" options during the burn. I have unselected finalize disc and selected session at once even then I have not been able to continue the session. I have wasted already about 10GB of space on dvds. So if a default speed setting option can be set I can choose the leave disc open option and continue sessions. Or atleast if this is not feasible or is too much trouble it should allow us to select the burn speed before burning the dvds instead of directly assuming the highest speed and proceeding with the burn.Don't ya think?
  6. I chose the let me choose the settings when burning but after choosing it and completing burning successfully i am unable to continue the session. I unselected finalize disc and also selected session at once but still unable to continue session. Is this a bug or is there something else I need to do? CDBurnerXP Version: DVD Drive: LG GSA-H10N
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