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  1. Pozdrav, se opravičujem za zamik s prevodi, saj sem se vmes ukvarjal z drugimi projekti, Windowsov pa nisem uporabljal praktično nič. Z novo različico CDBurner XP bo izdan tudi močno izboljšan prevod, skladen z besednjakom na Lugos.si. Najbolj neučakani pa jo lahko že preizkusite na daily.cdburnerxp.se/4.5/ (izberite namestilnik z letnico 2014!).
  2. Hm. The posts misteriously disappeared after the server crash, so once more:I have the same issue. But it occurs only with the SATA drive. My question is: can't the disc checking be just be disabled (in options: Do not search for inserted media or something)?
  3. Yes, this may be it. We may continue in that topic if you wish. And what is the possible cause for this behavior? And another thing. In Nero DriveSpeed (app that controls drive speed) is turned on, CDBurner XP doesn't recognise any drive to be compatible.
  4. Sorry, I used search, but didn't find anything useful. Could you point me to the right topic? This is not a "100% CPU Load" bug, because the Task Manager shows CDBurnerXP uses only ~ 1,60% of the CPU. Thanks!
  5. I recently bought an Optiarc AD-7191S SATA DVD burner. CDBurnerXP works normally until I put a blank disc in the drive. CDBurnerXP then begins to respond extremly slowly. The LED indicator on my case, that notifies of drive activity, is on all the time. It seems as CDBurnerXP tries to communicate with the drive, but just can't get the information from it. Other programs as ImgBurn work fine. My system is Windows XP Pro (SP3 integrated), Gigabyte Nforce 550 Board and CDBurnerXP version The IDE burner I had in before, worked fine with CDBurnerXP.
  6. The "abort burning" isn't working as you think it should. Even if i click abort burn right after i clicked the start burn, the program still occupies space and writes lead in and lead out. So if you are burning a 4GB compilation on a DVD and mistakenly click on burn and then right after cancel, you can throw the DVD away, because it occupies 4GB, even if the data won't be there. Note: this is more a feature request, then a bug report: If the program hasn't started writing yet, it should leave the disc alone, if you click abort.
  7. Na voljo je verzija 2.7.8 Najprej čestitke dirtyepic-u za zelo dober prevod, saj sem mogoče le tu pa tam popravil kako malenkost. Ker je slovenski prevod izginil iz uradne izdaje programa, je bilo potrebno napraviti posodobitev. Upam, da bo mi uspevalo vzdrževati tempo in redno posodabljati prevod. Čeprav je prevod dober je vseeno par stvari, ki mi niso všeč, bi bilo morda bolje, da bi bil prevod bolj enostaven. Navsezadnje je treba poskušati uporabniku približati prevod in ga ne zmesti. Primeri besed: ripping = ekstrakcija layout = ureditev platform = platforma ISO Version Number
  8. Hello, you dropped the translations for Slovenian out of current release. I would like to take over the work of translating to Slovenian. Don't worry about my english, I know what I'm doing So please PM me the details! Regards
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