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  1. as of, all appears to be working very well. Nice burns, speeds detected fine. Thanks!
  2. I've used CDBurnerXP on all my Windows computers with few if any problems, but on my new(ish) laptop I recently installed it and am having trouble burning, maybe some issues with the burner's driver and compatability? The laptop has a Matshita UJ-842, which appears to be a 24/16/24 drive from what I have found, but during a CD copy (I haven't tried any other burning yet) CDBurnerXP detects 63x, 47x and 31x speeds as well as some at and under 24x (which the drive should support). When I try to copy a CD (I've tried selecting both 16x and 24x burn speeds), it extracts the image pretty fast, about the speed I would expect (2-4.5 minutes depending on length), but when it starts to burn it takes forever, 17-25 minutes depending on length. The drive doesn't even make the spinup sound at all, just sounds like it's in there barely spinning the whole time. Morover, if I try to copy another CD without closing the program, the extraction will take forever too. I have not had the patience to let it sit for more than about 8 minutes, so I don't know if this second copy will even finish or not. Has anyone had any of these problems or have suggestions for me? Thanks, --Jason
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