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  1. Hmm... I didn't know that... Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Ok thanks! I'll have it finished in few days, by the end of the next week at most I should be finished. By the way I'll do the "gl" one.
  3. Hi there! As I see that it's not translated to Galician yet I'll do it. I'm used to translate software to both Galician and Spanish so it won't be any problem. I'll start right now! I've got just one question: Where did you get the language list from? The one I'll do is "Galego - gl". "galego (galego) - gl-ES" does not exist, these are two references in the list to the same language (called Galician in English). The correct one is "Galego - gl". Regards and congratulations for such a good piece of software! EDIT: This' kinda strange... The translated file should be UTF-8 coded right?
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