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  1. I am running ver4.1.2.789 on an HP with (sigh) Vista. When trying to burn wav files "gapless" to an audio cd, it appeared all was well until I played the cd on three different cd players/drives. The first track was only 33 seconds long but was silent. Using the built in windows media player, I tested burning the tracks to disk - all tracks play on a cd player but they do not provide the option to go gapless. On my old computer, I am still using nero (oem lite version) that came with a burner I installed. Their method to prevent gaps required modifying a "pause" property on all but the first track but leaving the first track with a two second pause. Just wondering if the streamlined "gapless" feature in cdbxp may have added a 0 second pause to the first track that prevents my players from playing it. I looked through the FAQ page and other online pages and links but this was the only place I found that had a similar problem to mine. For me, the program looks like a keeper mainly since it provides the gapless feature - live shows and old LPs/78s. I am sure I will discover other features to use later. Thanks so much.
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