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  1. Hi, yesterday i have burn a 4,5gb dvd (video) with my samsung writer and cdburnerxp v4.3.0.2064 using the "Video DVD Entwurf". DVD was burnd without any errors. But when i look at the burned side, i saw in the center, that something is missing. The was a 3mm ring, that was NOT burned. Any Idea how this matters? Greetings Thomas
  2. An Solution ? The problem existis within the new build on Windows 7, XP with Samsung and LG DVD-Writers Every erase (quick or secure) should be a quick erase. DVD looks optcal burned, not complete erased.
  3. deploying xdburner 4.2.7.xxxx with the option /silent stop the installer on the secure desktop i deploy it without /silent, the message apears after click "install" the (german) message : "ist nicht implementiert" is not implemeted ? All Version inklusive 4.2.6 works fine. Any idea?
  4. yes, that is / was the problem. i have tested it with the actual 4.2.1 Release - everything fine. Thanks!
  5. Wenn i create a audio cd with mp3 files, every cd has a little "missing" in the first track. mostly aber 28 or 30 seconds. i have found that in every 4.x version including the ne all other tracks are fine. is bugfix planed?
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