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  1. Hi, I am wondering why the secure erasing takes only about two minutes? In earlier versions (not the last 2 official ones!) it took about 15 minutes for a DVD-RW on my burner. I tested the secure erase with other burning tools (e.g. the trial version of Alcohol120%) and it took the same 15 minutes. These tools overwrite the complete disc. Your tool did it in earlier versions, too. Is this a bug or a design decision? Greetings, BoostMan
  2. Hi, I am using CDBurnerXP v4.2.2.984 (but this problem occurs in earlier versions, too). When I install your tool I don't want to install all languages. So, first I deselect ALL languages by clicking on the 'language' check box and then select only my preferred one (in my case 'German'). But the German language is not installed. I am only able to use English (and another one if I remember it well). Definitely not installed in my CDBurnerXP folder... If I deselect all languages manually except the German language all is fine... I hope it is reproducible Regards, BoostMan.
  3. I am sorry...I think I can't help you any further to describe this behavior. It happens on two different computers (but both with WinXP SP3 & .NET 3.5 SP1). If I open the folder a, so that it is still highlighted (!) in CDBurnerXP, and then open Windows Explorer to delete a, the folder a will not disappear in Windows Explorer until I confirm the appeared message box in CDBurnerXP. ... Anyway, thanks for your time! If you still got a question regarding this feel free to ask. But I think there are a lot of more important things to fix than this. I think this post is CLOSED.
  4. Hi, Maybe, this happens because the folder I want to delete is still selected by CDBurnerXP?! Take a look the screenshots... In the first one my parent folder named a is highlighted (I just added his sub folder b to my disc. [attachment=1]picture_3.png[/attachment] Now, I go to the Explorer and delete a. The folder a can not be deleted - it is locked by CDBurnerXP. Instead I receive your message box... (But there's no problem in deleting the content of folder a. In this case the sub folder named b). [attachment=0]picture_4.png[/attachment] Your fileview1 locks the folder. If I highlight another folder, e.g. Temp and try to delete folder a via the Explorer I have no problems!! I think because fileview1 shows not just a name representation of the file structures of my drives this behavior makes sense (you are using some functions of the windows system library for fileview1, aren't you?!). Maybe it is possible to show the critical message box always on top of CDBurnerXP so that it won't appear behind a dialog (like behind the burn disc dialog - hard to find )? Ok, I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I understand the reason of this all All the best, BoostMan.
  5. Ha, I found out what drives me mad... There's a critcial messagebox behind the BURN DISC dialog called FileView1. "Auf c:\temp kann nicht zugeriffen werden. Zugriff verweigert." (recht hat sie ja, die kleine Box... ) And because this MessageBox got the focus I can't close the burn disc dialog (sadly it is hidden behind the dialog). It is the same problem (for me) like the dialog which ask me what to do when I insert a DVD+RW with data. If CDBurnerXP is not the application with the focus the DVD+RW "what to do next" dialog is gone (maybe also behind the main window of CDBurnerXP - i dod not check this...I use the ALT-TAB to get it back). Maybe a non modal dialog would help?! Anyway, conclusion: No need to kill the process. Just to move the burn disc dialog. Sorry for this and thanks for your time! ~BoostMan
  6. Hmm, strange! The folder is definitely not locked by another tool...I checked this. So, I will try tomorrow on another machine to see if this only appears at my home pc because of some strange configurations... But if you can't reproduce this.... In earlier versions I could close the dialog and then I returned to the data compilation screen. But your tool mentioned that the dir is missing at poped up a message box and I can't clean the compilation anymore...it looked to me that CDBurner locked the dir because it is still - for the tool - in use with my actual disc selection (maybe still looking for the dir or it locking the reference dir which i deleted meanwhile...). Anyway, this is no NULL-Pointer failure
  7. Hi again, found a (really) small bug - nothing important but I thought I tell you... When I erase a disc thorough (I only tested with this) and check "eject disc after erasing" it is not ejected after the job is done. I think it works when I erase a disc by clicking the toolbar button but I am not quiet sure... But the dvd is definitely not ejected when I do it from the action selection. Greeting...
  8. Hi, so I will try to explain it all better ... Ok, I am burning a data compilation taking all sub folders of a base folder. Let's say: c:\temp\pictures <-- I drag&drop the pictures folder into my disc collection to burn its content (not the temp folder with the picture folder). Then I click burn in the toolbar and get this dialog: helios.zippicture2.png[/attachment] I click ok, the DVD is ejected and i am back at my burning dialog (first picture). NOW, I close my cd-rom with the freshly burned DVD and start verify my data with another tool STILL with CDBurnerXP and the last dialog open. When my verify is done, I close this other tool AND delete the complete folder via the Explorer (I delete the temp folder.) The content of this folder is deleted (the pictures sub-folder) but the base folder is still locked by CDBurner. And when I get back to CDBurner and try to cancel the still open dialog - I can't...I need to kill the CDBurner process. I hope this makes the situation clearer. Otherwise let me know ... Oh I have just tested: You can easily reproduce this without burning. Create a folder temp and and sub folder pictures. Drag&drop the pictures folder to your disc collection and click burn. Now delete the temp folder... you can only delete the content of temp but not temp itself and you are stuck in the burn disc dialog. Greetings...
  9. Hi, this a rather less important bug (maybe you will not see it as a bug): When I burned a DVD and closed the info box which told me how long it took I came back into the enhanced mode where it is possible to burn another DVD with my selection. I keep this dialog open. Instead, I delete the folder I just burned via the Windows Explorer. Now, returning to CDBurnerXP it is not possible anymore to close and leave the selection dialog of CDBurnerXP which is still open as I told you. The only of leaving your tool is to kill the process. All the best, BoostMan
  10. I think it is my - as a user - reliability for a destroyed DVD-R or burner because I used overburning - not yours as a developer. But I know there are others "customers" who don't think this way . For me the reason of overburning is that I often got a folder of for instance 4.698.700.00 bytes. Depending on the amount of files (the file structure overhead?!) CDBurner will burn it on a DVD or not. Your Dialog just says I need a 4.38GB DVD and I inserted a 4.38 GB DVD. So, in this case it is less informative. If I remove a picture of, say, 500 kb, everybody is happy ...this is my reason of overburning. Not to gain 10 MB but to gain some kb and not to re-structure my photo DVDs. Anyway, thanks for your answer!
  11. Hi, I use DVDs for data backups. And because I was grown up in C64 times where each block counts I fill my DVD to a maximum! Sometimes there's just some kb too much for CDBurnerXP. Since you introduced your nice INSERT DISC DIALOG there's no way to say "ok, I know 200 kb too much, but burn it anyway" like I could do before. Are there at least plans to upgrade this dialog so I could choose burning/some-kind-of-slight-overburning a DVD like in older 4.0x versions? Thanks for your tool and all the best, ~BoostMan
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