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  1. Thanks... but, before I do so, let me mention that this is a Dell computer, date 2001. So, would the age make a difference? If so, maybe I should not proceed? Also, when I installed previously, I simply clicked on install and did not change any of the defaults. When you say "Make sure it is not installed in the same directory," could you tell me exactly how I should follow that instruction? In other words, how would I install, to another directory, with this particular program? I assume that it defaults to a directory automatically and would have to be manually changed, in
  2. Actually, I am logged in as admin. In fact, I am the only one using the computer and no one else ever has used it, in any way. I use the Windows XP operating system. OK, meanwhile, here is what I did. I did a complete system-restore (back to four days ago). And, happy to report, the previous version of your program, which I had been previously using, came back up and it worked, thankfully. No recognition of disc problems or anything else. So, I am inclined to just use the older version, now. Or, should I try to install the new one, again? Problem was that when I did a
  3. OK, I have a drawer that is a CD burner and player on my computrer. This is "hardware," which I believe you are telling me? I also have a drawer that is a DVD player (not recorder). These came with the computer and are already installed. By way of further explanation, I had noticed that my hard-drive was getting filled, so I went in and removed several programs that I thought I did not need. I recall now that one was a small program (I forget its name) which said "burner". I deleted it because I figured that your program was a burner and I did not need two. Should I do a restore, pos
  4. sorry to sound so ignorant, but WHERE would I SELECT a burning device? is this some button to click? if so, where would it be? or how would I INSTALL a burning device? perhaps I should also ask, what do you mean by a "burning device"? is this a separate program? If so, what is it called and where wouldI locate it, please? Is it part of your program? If so, how to "install"? Thanks! PS I have done a websearch on "burning device" and your program keeps coming up! so I am puzzled.... so if this is a "burning device" then apparently I also need some other "burning device"? Should I
  5. Installed the latest version, but when i click "burn" I receive: "cannot continue with the burning process, because you did not select a burning device." Have no clue what to do now. Help! please!
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