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  1. Where can I get the previous build from. So I can make the wife happy so she can burn some cd's.
  2. So what file format should I use? When will the mp3 file format be acceptable? Is this in the works for future builds. Me and the wife and kids listen to music on different devices and as a standard format we use mp3 files so we can share our music with each other. I like this program because it is simple for the wife to use and understand. Thanks for the help.
  3. First let me say this is my first time on this forum plus I just downloaded CDBurnerXP. I put it on the wife's computer, it does not have a program for burning. I had a successful install and made my first music cd. All went well until I tried to play it. I tried every device I had, cd players, dvd vcr combo, my computer and the computer it was made on... nothing, no sound. I can see the song playing because the seconds are being counted off and timeline cursor is moving on the computers but no sound. What is wrong and can it be fixed. Thanks for the help.
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