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  1. I have found the burning a DVD fails to verify regularly especially if I finalise the disk But if I burn, verify and then finalise its OK But I do wonder if those disks that fail to verify were correct, so I would like a verify feature that allows me to select the source to be verified against cheers Rod
  2. OK I have now downgraded the firmware of the DVD to DW10 A07 and it now works again, so the latest firmware is not compatable with CDburnerXP Regards Rod PS Thanks for a simple to use CD/DVD Burner
  3. Maybe I should have posted this under drive incompatabilities I see that there are a few TSST drives reported there Rod
  4. I didn't mention that prior to upgrading this DVD to the latest firmware I was able to burn -R disks [attachment=0]cderr2.jpg[/attachment] OK have created an ISO image from a collection and burnt it succesfully to a -R disk, this is the same collection that resulted in the above dialogue when I tried to burn it directly. Regards Rod
  5. But if I use +R media it is OK? Running on Dell Lattitude D830 with XP Pro SP3 DVD is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H firmware version DW30 Have used the -R media with CDBurnerXP elsewhere with no problems Other -R media on this drive also brings up this problem Nothing is written to the DVD The drive is new, as a replacement to the previous drive (of the same type) which also exhibited the same problem Have in the past burn a DVD of around 2gig with no problem to -R media, but always fails on over 4.2ish gig The firmware version is the latest version, my original drive had an earlie
  6. It turns out that the problem is the format of the installation file name The dots in the name are fooling the McAfee virus checker into a reporting it as a multiple exe replacing the extra dots with dashes then there is no problem e.g. cdbxp_setup_4-2-1-864.exe May be the filename could changed to this format in the future to stop the confusion TA Rod
  7. As far as I know, I do have installation rights, I have installed many other packages This is the first to report a problem and as you say it doesn't give any clues as to what the problem is Still I have just thought, if there is no explanation for the problem then its likely to be the virus checker, and low and behold when I run the installation the following appears Time: 15/08/2008 16:43:21 Event: McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention IP Address/User: Description: Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) Path: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE Message: Attack type: Double File Extension Execut
  8. When I run the installation file the following dialogue appears Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item As far as i know I have permissions for installation as I install other programs including CDBurnerXPPro Any thoughts TA Rod
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