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  1. Gee whiz cdbxuse, I was just being facetious. Of course this is a major pain, and I no know blanks are not exactly free, 50 for $10. but have you not made mistakes on other burning projects. All I am saying is give them a chance to work the bugs out. If your in that big of a rush, go down to your local retailer and grab a Roxio's software. This is a good package with lots of features, and if you hang in there I believe it will be worth the wait.
  2. Flo, Thank you for all your help. there are many other burning software packages available, some free and some rather expensive; Ashampoo just offered me burning software for 9.99us if I came back. But I think CDBurnerXP is great. and offers many features others charge for. Thanks for being straight forward and knowledgeable. Whats a small bug like no sound. I can wait to burn. It will be worth it Ps. Just downloaded Firefox.
  3. Just downloaded onto my Dell D600, installed and launched fine, recognizes My Phillips Cd drive and completes the burn process. when the disc is played in any Cd drive, the total time, number of tracks displays, and shows the seconds as the track plays, but there is no sound. MR
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