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  1. Thank you! It appears that I found a bug in an earlier version I was using, 4.0.024. I tried the procedure you suggested with that version, but it failed to remove the service. However, when I used the same method with version, it worked perfectly. Thanks for help! Mark
  2. Should that be cdbxp_setup_4.x /LOADINF=default.cfg /SILENT? Mark
  3. Yes, I tried that very procedure but the service was still installed, regardless. Have you tested this yourself? Do you know if there is an entry in the default.cfg that specifies whether the service is to be installed or not? Thanks! Mark Dean
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to deploy CDBurner XP Pro v4.2.1 silently without the NMSAccessU service included? I know you can use the /SAVEINF="default.cfg" switch to record your install configuration, but that fails to record the service removal. Any ideas? Mark
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