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  1. Haha, I keep drag/dropping ISOs and thinking I must come say thanks, but always forget! So here it goes: Thank you, nice to feel like you actually have some input to a really good product .
  2. Hey, First to say, CDBXP is a brilliant piece of kit - a lot of my family and friends now use it as a free alternative to Nero etc. Small request, in the ISO burning window, rather than having to open a file browser dialog and go and find your ISO in that, could we have drag and drop support into that textbox which shows the file path? Most of the ISOs I burn just get thrown on the desktop, and with the small size of CDBXPs ISO burning dialog it'd be way more convenient to just drag and drop them. Thanks, Ben.
  3. Likewise, using the latest version. Installed this software on a customers computer today as an alternative to expensive Nero software, and when I did a demo for them the audio CD came out silent! I came home and indeed, the same happens on my two main systems. All three machines will burn data discs fine, and audio discs are burnt fine using WMP or other disc authoring applications. On my two rigs I use CDBXP to burn the DVD video files output by DVD authoring applications, with no trouble at all. But, with audio discs, CDBXP just puts all the tracks on there - correct order, correct le
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