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  1. If it is keeping track, it is spyware. Even if we do not agree on its nature, it is still nuisance ware. Please leave it unchecked or find some other source of funding. I appreciate your frankness in this matter. I can think of no one else that would accept input on such a decision. Many thanks, -T
  2. Hi Flo, I am a consultant. I have spread CD Burner over two counties: I love the stuff. I am afraid that if you do not leave the spyware option unchecked, my customer will get infected by it as their computer skills are not up to recognizing the threat. Especially if I have installed the software: they consider it safe. Please consider another method of getting paid for what you do and you really, really deserve to get paid for it. You are a wonderful coder. If you leave the spyware checked in the installer, to protect my customers, I will have to cease installing your code. And, tha
  3. Hi Flo, When you post about new releases, would you consider also posting the download link? (I can find it myself, but it would be a lot more convenient if you posted the link.) Many thanks, -T
  4. Wine just post a new update with patches for .net. I have fired up cdbxp_setup_4.2.3.1062.exe and it no longer crashes. I have not had a chance to burn anything yet. They (Wine developers) may have fixed Wine to the point that CDBXP will actually work. -T
  5. Not to be too picky, but would you consider a link to your download page in these announcements?
  6. Mine went poof right after selecting "data" compilation. "Pro" ?!?!? Never heard of such a thing. -T
  7. Just opened http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15085 Is there any trace I could run that would help you at your end? -T
  8. Somewhere I heard that you had to emulate windows 2000 to get dot net to work. You can configure that under /usr/bin/winecfg What is your error message when you go to install dot net with wine tricks? -T If it help, I have Deep Burner running under Wine. I'd eventually like to get CD Burner XP Pro working, as it is nicer.
  9. I don't think MONO runs under wine. But that is not an issue, as you can run Dot Net 2.0 under Wine: winetricks corefonts dotnet20 -T
  10. Hi All, Are there any tricks to get v4 to run under WINE (the Linux windows emulator)? So far, I can only get the language prompt to pop up, then nothing else (it dies). Many thanks, -T
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