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  1. Hello, sorry for the late reply - I was offline for some time because of provider change. The device manager indicates for both IDE ATA Channels: use DMA if possible (the alternative is "only PIO" but this is not selected). What is the conclusion? Should I change anything? regards, NSpitz
  2. Hello, is there any new development with this problem? It takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to burn (with no verification) a DVD+R with 4,5GB. Most of the time CPU usage is about 100% with no activity of the dvd burner. cdbrunerxp indicates: burning 20x with 27.7 MB/s so the process should be done in a few minutes. My DVD-burner is a very new one by LG. Nero 7 and CDRWIN7 can burn such a DVD in 3-4 minutes. If this problem cannot be solved I will use cdburnerxp only for bootable cds which my Nero is not willing to do (it's an OEM version). regards, NSpitz
  3. Hi, just a comment: I have the same burner GH22LP20 from LG ( recently bought because my old one is gone) and presently use SONY DVD+R I can burn DVDs but with about 4.5 GB of data to burn: it starts indicating 4 min rest time (which is the expected value) then it switches to indicating 45 min rest time and burns the DVD using 95% CPU power! Today I had running another program which needs about 50% CPU power - so the total time was 1h 35min! Is there any LOG file where one could find an indication of the reason? BTW, with NERO7 no problem: the DVD+R with 4.5 GB is written i
  4. Hello, I have done a series of experiments. CD-R and CD-RW as far as I see the available disk size incl. free and used space is shown correctly (on-disc, logical and physical) DVD+RW e.g. Octron DVD+RW 4.7 GB 120 min ReWRitable seems to be correct for an empty disc on-disc 0 MB logical 4482,62 MB free 0 used physical the same DVD+R e.g. Sony DVD+R 4.7 GB 120 min here there is a problem for an empty disc on-disc
  5. Hello, it seems to work with UDF. The full file names are kept. The DVD+R (W) can be read by my other programs (XP, Explorer, WINAMP etc. ). . Thanks and regards, NSpitz
  6. Hello, see the attachment for a screen shot of the situation:[attachment=0]screenshot-empty-dvd.bmp[/attachment] The inserted DVD+R is a normal empty DVD+R (Sony 4.37 GB 120 min, Accucore RW). The files in the compilation add up to about 1.37GB (measured by XP). Why does the status line say: on disc 4482,62 MB if it is logically empty??? Why does cdburnerxp suggest or assume that this DVD+R is a double-size DVD+R? Is there a simple explanation? many thanks and regards, NSpitz
  7. Hello, I'm a new user of CDBurnerXP and have the following problem not encountered with NERO7 or NERO8 I want to burn a set of files the file names just normal XP file names but without blanks and other exceptional characters. They contain only - and _ in addition to characters and numbers. After having read the manual entry about file system I concluded that ISO9660/Joliet with option 3 (ISO9660 no restrictions) would be appropriate. But the file nmes are shortened to 60 characters + the suffix ".mp3". What is wrong and can I do about this problem since I need the whole file na
  8. Hello, I'm a new user of CDburnerXP I couldn't find the solution to the following problem: While generating the list of files to be burnt on a "normal" DVD+R (about 4.5 GB) the status line indicates size 4482 MB but the total calculated size is shown as about 88xx MB and the used file space is calculated using the doubled file space too, e.g. 3 GB real file space is indicated as 6 GB. The same is true for the free rest on the medium: If 300 MB is indicated the real free space is about 150MB. Trying to correct the medium size manually is not possible: DVDs are only presented as DVD
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