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  1. I am using CDBurnerXP on WinXP Sp3 This latest version burns DVD DVDRW disks ok. But, when i insert a CDRW (Blank or already contains data) CDburnerXP will keep reading the CDRW disk. I tried some 4 times and each time it was reading for some 10+ minutes! I can't get into compilation mode to select files since CDBurnerXP keeps reading the CDRW disk (CD lights on / flashing). The same CDRW disks (blank and previously burnt data) on the same laptop and hardware, using Nero v6 works fine. Nero will read disk fro 10 secs and then go into compilation mode to allow me to select files/folders to burn. Nero v6 also burns the disk without problems. Is this a problem with incompatible drive? But that cannot be since CDBurnerXP works fine on same hardware with DVDRW disks.
  2. Yes I have same experience - CDBurnerXP seems to read the file's data during compilation when it should read it during burn. Thats why the compilation takes very long to compelete. CDBurner shoud only store the files's link during compilation.
  3. flo Can you add UDF capability to CDBurnerXP (future versions maybe?)? - then this problem will go away.
  4. I tried to burn some 20 folders and found that CDBurnerXP actually reads the files when the files are dropped into CDBurnerXP. Should'nt it just accept the OLE link to the windows files only at this stage? Reading the all the file(s) data really slows down the burn process at this stage. Only when "burn now" is clicked, then it should only read the files and do the burn. I do not understand why CDBurnerXP has to read the data - creating burn buffer?
  5. CDBurnerXP Hi Guys I am new here - just downloaded the s/w very first time and its great! Thanks for the great software - the GUI is wonderful. I have successfully burnt a few CD/DVD but just got a problem: During erasure (quick), CDBurnerXP reported disk write error and then hangs - I had to Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill process. Then I restarted CDBurnerXP - this time I cannot erase - it says disk is being formatted? But I only requested erase of the disk not formatting!
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