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  1. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    Has anyone else stopped downloading updates because all updates are unable to burn music CDs? I'm using a real old version of CDBurnerXP because it can burn music CDs, unlike all the newer versions which have been released since.
  2. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    Anybody have any news on when this will be fixed?
  3. If it burns successfully with the DAO via Pre-Menu, doesn't this mean it supports DAO audio CD burn? Does it make sense to you that it burns it via Pre-Menu but doesn't offer it via Advanced-Menu?
  4. which window? 1. I open burnerxp and select Audio CD 2. I select a folder and click "ADD" 3. I select Disc, Burn Disc which window specifically has this info?
  5. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    okay, I emailed you a couple tracks Flo. Thanks Flo
  6. I don't know what this stuff is. I'm sorry, could you be more specific about what you need? Plus I do not know how to take a screen shot of my computer. You'll have to explain that too. I'm in the process right now of burning a disc to get you the file of audio that won't play. And just so we are clear, here is a more extensive explanation of the Gapless Audio Disc situation I've been talking about: Data Disc Burn: Disc At Once via Pre-Menu = successful burn Disc At Once via Advanced-Menu = option is available and produces successful burn when ticked Audio Disc Burn: Disc At Once via Pre-Menu = successful burn Disc At Once via Advanced-Menu = NO option is available (DAO is grayed out)
  7. yes, Disc At Once works--IF I select it from the Pre-Menu. I am not given the option of selecting it from the advanced menu (hence my post).
  8. Unsupported??? My drive supports Disc At Once. I can Disc At Once with other burning software using the same drive. I can Disc At Once if I select such in the "pre-menu." Why can't I Disc At Once from the Advanced Menu?
  9. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    Correction: the "black" audio files does exist in the current version. What "file" do you need sent? Where do I get this file? Could you be specific as I'm not computer savvy as you are. Thanks.
  10. ??? not sure what you mean. Disc At Once works fine for a Data Disc. for an audio disc, I have to select "Gapless Disc" from the pre-menu, and it works fine. I want to be able to select Disc At Once (Gapless Disc) from the advanced menu. I like skipping the pre-menu. But Disc At Once is always grayed out in the advanced menu.
  11. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    The other negative about the latest version is that it is much slower burning than the previous versions. I ran it on a dual core and it was noticeable slower. I ran it on a Pent 4 and it was painfully slow (like a crawl).
  12. It is supported. It burns a gapless disc if I select it from the initial menu. And I can Disc At Once when burning Data Discs. Is this a bug then?
  13. If this is not a bug, can you please add this feature in a future build? I prefer to go straight to the "advanced settings" where I can manually select from all the parameters. But doing that for an Audio CD burn means I can't select Disc At Once (gapless playback).
  14. When CDBurnerXP gives me the menu offering "Create a Gapless Disc" and I choose the advanced setting, how come "Disc At Once (gapless playback)" is grayed out? Why can't I select "gapless disc" via the Advanced Menu?
  15. ghomner

    won't burn audio CD

    Sorry, how do I do this? I uninstalled the new version and put on the 4.1 version.
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