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  1. hello and thanks gor the good job under XP sp3 with bass24 up do date trying to burn audio cd sometimes i got the cd error screen (no cd in drive or short time cd) this feature with the error screen is ok it comes when i forget to put a cd or if i have VBR mp3 that failed bass24 to compute the good duration and says 200 min needed for a 700 mo CD... (but this is an encoding matter not a cdburner matter if you eject the cd to put a good one it sometimes go fine but sometimes freeze BUT if you use the escape button it always freeze you never go back to cdburner main screen
  2. hello and many thanks to the squad BUT... same problem with the last cdbxp_setup_4.3.8.2523.exe and XP SP3 solved by copying the files C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\bass*.dll from the k-lite codec pack into the cdburner directory hope it will help
  3. Hello, same problem with version 424.1322 the "simulate" option and "Disc At Once" made the data-disc DVD to be burned but unuseable i'm working with XP sp3 stupid of me to made a test before writing without the "simulate" option and a new DVD... the burning went fine
  4. oh yes that's it "remember last project type" a way to change a project type will be usefull with this option by the way, may be the bug viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6505#p23684 is related to this feature me too i registered audio cd without noticing the "data disc mode" and i've got a full blank CD while listening same as >but when play is attempted there is just silence while the disc plays<
  5. by tring to select the french option i select the german by mistake (the line behind) (unselect the full language folder by onr click and manually selecting only one language after) i get the german and english language after install so not reproductible for me after unistall/reinstall i selected the french ang get it
  6. the auto-upgrade tool said that the 421.976 was the last one but i found the 422.984 on the site uninstall and registry clean the 421 version install the 422.984 but still the same problem without startup menu
  7. hello with the french version i've got NO startup screen i allways get the "data disc" mode "compilation de donnees" i've found no option to select "audio CD" or "CD copy" ??? how can i choose the working mode
  8. same for me it seems impossible to select the french language while registering (only english gb) and the french forum is blocked
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