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  1. Hi, i'm using the portable version you have made, but it's not fully portable in the way that it still add registry keys for the screen location of the interface and also wrights to the APPDATA folder. I have made it fully portable using portableapps format but the format does not support "AutoRun" command, on launch the apps main exe crashes. So I was wondering if there is any way to make the portable version not wright to the system or registry and have it wright to an ini file with in the folder of the apps location? Thanks
  2. This is a firmware bug which can be corrected thanks to this unofficial update: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_1378 ... 7.zip.html More technical information here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour ... bug/309384 Hope it helps. Cheers.
  3. First ImgBurn and now CDBurnerXP. Its a shame these great freewares now have to resort to bundling toolbars.
  4. .. after adding and then deleting files from a compilation. I noted this while adding MP3s to a data disc for use in my car stereo. I added multiple directories over 1Gb, then started stripping them to reduce it. At the end, the 4 individual folders calculate as 50-100mb each, but the total disc size still showed as 1.2Gb. Saving the compilation and reopening it displayed the correct disc size.
  5. Hi all - I have a Buffalo BR-H816SU2 external USB/eSATA 8x Blu-Ray writer picked up in Japan. Of course, it's really an HL-DT-ST (Lite-on?) SATA model BD-RE BH08NS20 inside a Buffalo case. Here's the issue- it works fine with CDs and DVDs, but CDBXP does not recognize dual-layer BD-RE discs. I am trying to burn 35Gb of data onto TDK discs also picked up in Akiba (600円 each!), but the program keeps insisting the DL disc provided does not have capacity even tho these discs are 50Gb each. Sorry, I do not have any single-layer -RE discs to test.
  6. I see this isn't implemented at the moment; either for large files or, more importantly to me, large numbers of files exceeding disc sizes. It's be great if I could just drag say 8gb of pics in a folder to the app, click burn and it would just ask for a second disc when the first is full, instead of having to remove the excess and manually split the files over multiple discs
  7. I've 100s of pics from a trip I need to span multiple dvds for a friend - they're taken with multiple cameras which use differing file names: dsc_xxxx, img_xxxx, dscxxx etc thus can't be sorted by filename to get them in order. I've edited some too, thus date modified is useless. Any chance a simple date originated/taken could be incorperated? This would be soooooooo useful for me Thanks Dan
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