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  1. I tried burning the same VIDEO_TS folders using the same type of disc with IMGBURN and Nero and the discs played perfectly.
  2. No thoughts on this one? Seems like a major bug, no? Unless it's just my 2 home DVD players but seems unlikely. Just thought I'd give this a bump...
  3. OK. It doesn't seem like the "Override Speed Detection" option works either. If you could override it then the speed selection could be made manually before the burning process without switching any tabs. It just seems weird to have the software detect the burning speed of the disc you are trying to copy rather than the disc you are burning.
  4. I think that if CDBurnerXP is going to detect the burning speed capability of the blank disc it should do so once the blank disc is inserted, not when the disc being copied is inserted. Another way would be to have the user make the speed selection upon insertion of the blank disc rather than before the reading process.
  5. When copying a disc, CDBurnerXP detects the speed capability of the disc you are trying to copy, not the blank disc you are going to put in. So when you put in a movie DVD to copy for example, and the burning speed capability of that disc was 8x, CDBurnerXP will cap the write speed at 8x in the speed selection drop down even though the blank disc you put in later can support 16x.
  6. Whenever attempting to burn a DVD-Video disc from a VIDEO_TS folder, the disc is unplayable on a stand-alone DVD player. It is still playable on a PC. I have had this issue on the latest version of CDBurnerXP ( as well as all previous versions that I have used.
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