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  1. The program crash with an error message for Windows át the start. It is a new problem for some weeks ago it works. I have Windows XP Home SP3 and the last updates of .NE at a 4 year old PC. I have tried to reinstall several times it still crashs at the start. At my very old Labtop an older version of XPBurner functions perfect. I don't dare to update. Greetings from Denmark
  2. I have the same problem. After I have used the program with succes in several weeks it now produced the "Blue screen Windows closed down because of error". I have seen the same problems for years ago with other burning programs. I must uninstall the program. I think there must only be one burning program at the PC.
  3. Dear Flo. I can understand the problem with 28 instead of 30. All the names of tracks from a downloaded CD (payed) started with a number (1 to 30) and then the desciption By moving the tracks to the burning list they were order lexically 1 xxaabc 10 qwwe 11 asddff ... 2 aaaa 20 ssss 21 ffff ... 3 ggg 30 tttt 4 qqq 5 pppp 6 zzz ... 9 uuuu I change the list to a list order by the value of the first number : 1 xxaabc 2 aaaa ... 30 tttt and burn the CD with the tracks in this order. Then I asked for a tracklist to be printed and the printing version was th
  4. I have a list of 30 track items sorted after number in the names. The Adio CD is burn in this order. But when i tried to print a list for the box this order of the tracks is another one and there are only 28 item. The printet list is useless. Greetings Leif
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