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  1. CDBurnerXP 64-bit on Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit I'm getting the error, "The audio file is DRM protected and cannot be burned to disc." when trying to open, drag-drop, etc. a CUE file from a BIN/CUE fileset so I can burn an Audio CD. The audio is my own work, created in Reaper (audio processing software). I used Reaper to create the BIN/CUE files. I've looked in around Reaper for options to add DRM protection but haven't found anything. Other programs such as UltraISO can open the BIN/CUE set and burn a CD. What can I do to troubleshoot this issue in CDBurnerXP? Kind regards, --appyface
  2. Right you are, thanks Nick. I DID misread his original post. Best regards, --appyface
  3. AFAIK none of the the downloaded Win7 ISOs will fit on a CD. You need to use a DVD. Unless you used vLite or other process to shrink it to CD size first?
  4. No wonder I couldn't find it I'm glad it wasn't me this time!!! Thanks Flo. Possible addition for the wishlist? My ugly bloated thing called Nero 8 allows modification of all of the 'header' and 'label' information before burning an ISO, and I have absolutely no intention of installing that monster again if I can help it. It is a very handy feature though. I did find a workaround of sorts. I installed IsoMaster on linux and used that to make a modified copy of the ISO, then burned that one. PITA but it worked. Best, --appyface
  5. I've looked all around the help and searched here in the forum, but did not find the answer to my question. I have an ISO file (I did not create it), I burned it and the CD has the volume label that came from the ISO. Now I want to burn that ISO again but override that volume label with a different one. How to do that? I hope I am just overlooking something easy... thanks in advance for pointing me to documentation and/or help doing this. Thanks and regards, --appyface
  6. Hi Flo, Please see bottom portion of this page: http://wiki.videolan.org/How_to_Create_a_DVD You get a nice plug for CDBurnerXP there, but also a comment about spyware. I don't recall spyware in CDBurnerXP but maybe I'm wrong If in fact it has none (!) you may wish to respond to VideoLan team. Just FYI in case you weren't aware of the post there... Best regards, --appyface
  7. Very cool. And I saw your replies there to my questions. Thanks, I await the next version! --appyface
  8. I'm having trouble setting up Ketarin to scrape and download drivers for my ATI vid card, perhaps Flo or someone else here can help me? (And while I'm thinking of that, Flo what do you think about setting up a sub-forum here for us to post for help with with this kind of thing? Ketarin users could help each other with these requests.) The problem I'm running into, is the URL to download my drivers is https: link. I've scraped it fine but Ketarin gives error message: "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel" Is this a referrer issue? I can't directly download the scraped URL by pasting into a new IE7 session either, I first have to browse the page that contains the scraped URL. Then I can paste the scraped URL right into IE7's address bar on top of that page's URL and the download works correctly. Here is the page I'm loading for the scrape: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catal ... deonxip-xp Here's my RegEx to scrape the "Display Driver only" URL for the download: (?<=driver_DriverLink[\x00-\xFF]{0,100}href=")[\x00-\xFF]{0,100}\.exe The RegEx correctly returns this URL: https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/ ... _70226.exe But without browser referrer or ?, the site will not fulfil the download request. NOTE to anyone wishing to help: Please don't give me the URL of an alternate site to get this file. This is not the only file with this type of situation for download, I have several more to set up in Ketarin that require this method. These are files that can only be had from their vendor's links, they are not available on popular download sites. I would really like to get this working in Ketarin if it is at all possible to do. Thanks! --appyface (P.S. I know the RegEx above is inefficient. It's adapted from a generic one that I use quite a lot, which works on all flavors of RegEx that I utilize [that support positive lookbehind, not all of them do.] Just in case anyone wants to point out the RegEx could be streamlined, yes I know that )
  9. Hello Flo, Just FYI I have just put up the latest version of Ketarin (0.9.7) and have a few minor things to mention... 1. The "Help -> About" info inside Ketarin shows version 0.9.3 2. The website link inside "Help -> About" doesn't launch a browser window (on my system anyway) and I can't copy/scrape the URL 3. Could Ketarin remember the last window sizes and column widths (main window, error/info windows etc.) 4. Could Ketarin have a logfile of the last session's messages (download success date/time, file skipped date/time and reason why, error messages etc.) Just some minor things for the wishlist. Thanks as always! --appyface Edit: I have just finished setting up several more items for Ketarin to track for me, and found that I could really make use of: 1) Start a new download entry in Ketarin that is pre-filled with the info from an existing entry. IOW let me choose an existing Ketarin download entry as the template for setting up my new entry. Example: http://www.e-sword.net/bibles.html on this page I download several bibles for my copy of e-sword. I am using Ketarin variables with RegEx to scrape the last updated date and add it into the saved filename for each bible. After getting one of the downloads working the way I wanted, I had seven more to set up. It would have saved some time (and pilot error!) if I could have started with that first one as a template to add new downloads, a slight tweak of the entry's description, the RegEx, and the saved filename is all that I needed to do for each one. 2) Creating a new variable for an entry based on an existing variable in that entry. Like the above idea, when I click the "+" to add a new variable, I'd like to pre-fill the new variable from the info for a variable already saved in that entry. Example: For some programs I have to scrape the major and minor version info separately, it is often on the same URL just in different places. I'd like to be able to select an existing variable in that item as my template, when I click to add a new variable I'd like it to be pre-filled from the existing variable. A quick tweak to the RegEx and I'm done. Thanks for consideration of these ideas! Best regards, --appyface
  10. I'm a little behind the times (I'm also busy these days, that's a good thing ) Sorry not so obvious to me :-/ I didn't know Ketarin was using .NET framework (probably because it is already on my system and I didn't have to pay any attention to it). Well that's good news, the .NET regex engine supports all current constructs of regex except possessive quantifiers. Unless that has changed recently and it supports those now. (Does anyone know?) Thanks and regards, --appyface
  11. Hi Flo, Sorry, I missed the part about incorporating RegEx in an upcoming version, that would be great, I'll take it! I use RegEx daily. Which implementation of RegEx will you use? In particular I am interested in lookbehind function. Will that be supported? Thanks and regards, --appyface
  12. Hi Johnny, Thank you!!! I did go to the "click here if it does not" to get the download link, apparently I didn't copy it into Ketarin. My bad!!! That IS the download link I thought I was using and having trouble with. I have no excuse good or otherwise, I need to be more careful when I *double check* arf... Thanks for pointing that out, working properly here now!!! Best regards, --appyface
  13. Hi Flo, I am having problem getting slim version of CCleaner same as Johnny posted earlier, except he posted it is working for him again... for me still not working. Am using Ketarin 0.9.5 (although when I click the 'info' button in Ketarin, the about box shows -- I did verify I unzipped the 0.9.5 zip file I just downloaded, can you confirm that shows wrong version?). I have the download URL for CCleaner Slim as: http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds ... ading-slim Ketarin returns error: CCleaner Slim The downloaded file is not a binary file type (text/html; charset=utf-. Possibly there is an error page. Another point. CCleaner Slim version scrape -- the words I need to search for, to scrape version information for the saved filename, occur AFTER the version number :-/ See this page: http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds Would it be possible to modify the scrape function so that I can set an "anchor" string on the page first? Then set my start and end strings EARLIER or LATER relative to the anchor string position on the page? In this example, "- Slim - No Toolbar" would be my anchor, it *follows* the version number. If I could set that as my anchor, then set my start selection to be "CCleaner v" that occurs right before the anchor, and use " - Slim" for my end selection, I can scrape the full version info for the downloaded filename. Your thoughts? Also. I would like Ketarin to grab me the new version of *Ketarin* whenever it's available, but so far I have not been able to do this Any tips on how to set Ketarin up so I can stay current? Thanks as always and regards, --appyface
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