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  1. I set up a secure erase of a DVD-RW with 'eject after erasing' ticked. A very long time elapsed. The progress bar slowly moved to the end but the disc continued spinning. The erasing dialogue was still there. The disc was not ejected. Eventually it became obvious that some sort of hang-up had occurred so I had to click cancel. I have had this problem previously also. My disc writer is Optiarc AD-7200S and I am using Windows XP Pro.
  2. I burn discs fairly infrequently. Mostly these are data discs but occasionally I burn audio CDs. On several occasions I have accidentally made and written a data compilation when I intended to do an audio one. At present the user is asked at startup which type of compilation is desired. The application does show audio or data compilation at the very top of the screen but I find it is still easy to make my error. Would it be possible to make it clearer which type of compilation the user is making? Maybe change the panel background for audio? Or have an Audio / Data indication with the icons
  3. I am using version on Windows XP Pro. When I select 2 or more files in the upper panel and drag them to the lower panel the order of the files often becomes muddled. This occurs very often but not always. The previous version of CDBurnerXP which I was using also had this problem.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I wouldn't normally try to write a CD using files directly from a network. In this case I copied the files to my own computer but then accidentally dragged in the wrong folder (the network one rather than the local one). It was annoying that the program hung up and ruined the disc. CDBurnerXP is generally a really excellent program! Thank you for writing and maintaining it.
  5. I attempted to write a data CD on my desktop machine using files accessible on my housemate's laptop via our network. Unfortunately, by the time I clicked "Burn Disc" the laptop had gone into standby with the result that CDBurnerXP reported each file as unavailable. The CD writing process had already started , however. The result was a locked-up CDBurnerXP program and a ruined disc. Surely CDBurnerXP should check that all files it is going to write are actually available before starting the writing process? This is obviously important if they are held on a networked machine.
  6. After updating to version 4.23.1110, plus several XP updates, plus a .NET framework update the problem I was having looks to have been resolved. I no longer get the error I was getting and have been able to use several .mp3 files for an audio CD. Thanks for a great program! Just one suggestion Flo. Could the length of the gap between audio tracks be made adjustable? 2 seconds can be a bit short sometimes. Thanks again
  7. The web help says that .mp3 files can be used when burning an audio CD. However, CDBurnerXP will not burn the audio CD if the files I use are in .mp3 format. This occurs with only one file in the compilation. When I click burn I get an error 'None of the tracks could be added to the audio image. The disc cannot be burned.' I have no problem burning audio CDs if all files I use are .wav format. I am using version on Windows XP.
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