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  1. Can you put option to choose 110 character for joliet file system I don't want to shorter my files 's name
  2. Yes the date in folder path is sure strange they are mess up Thanks for reply so fast Flo
  3. This also happen when creating ISO I tried with another machine and found the same problem. Here is the link to my files I put dxp file and iso of the disc that have CDBurnerXP setup files in it and the files and folder became hidden http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QD7Z52KJ
  4. Nothing wrong with the DXP files when loading compilation the problem is when finish burning the files and the folder in the disc will become hidden This problem will not happen if you make compilation save and burn but if you make compilation save close the CDBurnerXP and use this compilation later and only if you have folder and have files in that folder
  5. You have to make .dxp first close CDBurnerXP and open that .dxp file again nothing wrong the attribute in the gui but when you finish burning DVD files and folder in the disc become hidden. This problem only ocur with CDBurnerXP I tried to burn with CDBurnerXP and don't have this problem
  6. CDBurnerXP will add "read only" and "hidden" attribute into my files and folder except files in the root folder of the DVD if I burn from compilation files(.dxp)
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