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    A crash

    A crash when ejecting a CD, while trying to burn an ISO image.
  2. pincopallo

    DVD error

    Burn ISO. ISO is 4.37GB. DVD-R is 4.37GB. Checked actually dvd has a few bytes more space than ISO. Software says can't write to 4.37 needs 4.38 dvd. ISO works with other software. Wish didn't need other software
  3. From this forum 4.5 beta looks very unstable right now
  4. Making a data disc, no matter dvd or cd, whatever you do the disk is closed and you cannot add a session. Confirmed that Win7 sees the disc closed, so it's not the bug in CDBXP reading.
  5. I had the same trouble, in version, I reinstalled windows 7 SP1 (CDBurner too, of course), and I tried to continue a multisession DVD. Once burned the new session, windows explorer only shows the files recorded in the first session. I found this topic, and i think is same issue; the first session was recorded with ISO 9660/Joliet/UDF filesystem, and the second was recorded with ISO 9660/Joliet filesystem; so, I imported the second session and recorded a third session with ISO 9660/Joliet/UDF, and ... trouble solved, windows explorer shows the first and the second session. The
  6. sometimes dragging the mouse to select files doesn't work. as I show in the following video: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cle62DAmx
  7. i think,the authors have no interest to fix this long time known problem!
  8. Is it generally recommended to uninstall CDBXP before updating to the newest version? Thanks
  9. Can somebody confirm if this is an issue with Windows XP or a bug in CDBXP. When creating a data disc with a DVD+RW using the Joliet file format produces an empty disc. Sometimes this process also produces bad blocks on the disc. Has anyone experienced this before ? Thanks.
  10. It's a matter of convenience though. Nero converts on the fly in some seconds the moment you add audio files to an audio compilation. I haven't researched the conversion quality, but on the other hand I hadn't any bad experiences either. I can't imagine there's an issue of quality when going from mp3 to wav.
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