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  1. Nice one - I'll do that. So presumably these bugs are out of the latest version then? I'll test it later, but if anyone knows in the mean time please let me know. Many thanks Max
  2. Hi I used to use CDBXP a few years back but there were a couple of issues which made me go with a different program in the end. The problems were: - That you couldn't burn at lower speeds. Regardless of what you chose, it always burnt at max. - Audio CDs had a strange problem whereby the stereo image was swapped on the even numbered tracks, so that the left speaker played the right audio track, and the right the left! Can anyone please tell me whether these are still problems or if they have been fixed? And if they have been fixed, should I update my current installation (4.
  3. Hi Ive been using CDBXP for a while now and I love it. I've yet to find a freeware app that comes anywhere close to it. However, I recently noticed a bug and whilst looking into it found out about another one.....namely: - That you cannot burn at lower speeds. Regardless of what you choose, it always burns at max. - Audio CDs have the strange problem whereby the stereo image is swapped on the even numbered tracks, so that the left speaker plays the right audio track, and the right the left! So I wondered if anyone familiar with these bugs knows if there is an older version of CD
  4. I was about to put a post up about this issue but then found this thread. Just installed the latest CDBurner XP - - and it is still happening. So any idea whether this is likely to be fixed in the future? I absolutely love this program and would hate to have to use something else. But I do really need to be able to burn at lower speeds......
  5. Is this PeterC of PaQ - if so ----- Hi! Anyway, this is a different request but is related so I thought I would tag it onto this seeing as it is the latest post.... Would there be any way of adding a feature that stops the original/first disc from ejecting automatically when making copies (i.e. ready for the blank disc to be put in)? I have a door on the front of my PC which I often close by force of habit, and sometimes choose to close to keep the noise down. This becomes a problem when the disc ejects itself automatically and the door is closed!!! Cheers Max PS Hope you do
  6. Thanks for the reply. Sorry to be really thick, but is the link below all I need to download then: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en It says it is the service pack for the .net framework. So do I need to download .net framework AND this service pack? Or is the one download that I have linked to the whole package (the .net framework AND the service pack)? In which case do I download this and nothing else. It is all very new to me so sorry to be a pain!!! Cheers Max
  7. Hi I'm about to give this app a try because form what I have read and from the screenhshots I've seen it looks great! Anhyhow, being a newbie, I've got a bit of a newbie question. I understand that .net Framework is required. Fine. But which one should I install? I've read the "About .net Framework" on this website, page and found that there are 3 downloads. Am I right in saying that the first one - 2.0 SP1 - is the program itself, and the other two are updates? Or are they all updates, and I have to download the actual app from MS? Another question: is it advisable to use the
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