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  1. Great news, ill wait for the next version. Thanks.
  2. I have internet connection enabled but it never download anything, this is the reason why im asking. Ive a router whit HW FW enabled, could be the problem? Thanks.
  3. I was wondering how this feature works because i have never been able to use it, i always have to check and install new versions manually. Automatically download and install updates box is enabled but seems does not work. Is there something else to do to enable it? Any suggestion? Win7 x64. Thx. Bye.
  4. I dont like the new update system. If i turn it off, why i have to go to the hp and manually download the new version when before was all automatic? And if i use it, in which directory the update being saved (desktop in the old version)?
  5. Ok, thx for the info. I will update it manually.
  6. Hi, ive installed the version but if i try to check the update it doesnt find a 4.2.3.x version available. Is this a bug? A known one? Bye and thanks in advance.
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