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  1. I am getting the same problem.... nothing worked..boring
  2. Hello, I have a strange problem with the last version of CDburnerXP. Each times, I starting the program, I have to set up the screen panels in order to be able to drag n drop files and so on. I mean make bigger or smaller the explorer part and so on (seen the screen copy which show you the strange behavior) If anyone have a solution.. thank you. P.S: I got this problem on Win XP or Win7 64bits. I got that : Instead of that :
  3. Seems, cos I tried the same thing : 1) Open CDBurnerXP and it with the message box "choose to burn DVD, CD, Erase" 2) Click to the Desktop button, to put it to the task bar 3) Open Explorer and... CDBurner pop up behind the explorer. It is normal ? I guess so (sorry ! for the trouble) but it woulld be nice to not popup just blink inside the bar. THX !
  4. Hi, I am using WinXP pro and CDburner and I have a problem of behaviour with this soft. When I using, let say to erase completly a DVD RW and that I reduce the window to the taskbar. This soft. keeps on coming back to the front when I try to use an another soft which is simply boring cos if I reduice it, it is not to see it coming by itself back ! If someone knows why and how to avoid that ... thanks alot Rgs
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