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  1. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for confirming it - it's that third-party library, right? I've found alternate command-line burning software that works almost as well for this particular application (it doesn't have all the features that CDBurnerXP has, but it's free as well and doesn't crash on this particular machine), but I'll keep an eye out here for any future updates. Thanks again for you help.
  2. Trying a different command line (created a 7-zip archive of the files that I want to back up and backing up the single file), and seeing a little more detail. New command line: "c:\program files\cdburnerxp\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -device:0 -dao -close -eject -name:DIRNAME -file[\]:\tmp\DIRNAME.7z[/code] First I get a pop-up error message - window title is "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library", window contents are: [code]Runtime Error! Program: c:\program files\cdburnerxp\cdbxpcmd.exe R62025 - pure virtual function call Once I click on OK, I get a similar entry in the ev
  3. I've got a batch file that runs the command line version of CDBurnerXP (cdbxpcmd) running on Windows Server 2003 for scheduled burning of data, with the following command line (some details anonymized): "c:\program files\cdburnerxp\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -device:0 -dao -close -eject -name:DIRNAME -folder[\Dirname\]:\Dirname[/code] It worked fine when testing with a smaller directory (22 files, 4 folders, 8.62 MB), but when I try running it on a larger directory (7121 files, 574 folders, 4.2 GB) it just stops at about 4% into the burning process, and I get the following entry in the
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