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  1. This bug has already been reported. (search for "flac" "left side right side wrong side") I don't know if any action has been taken, BUT I AGREE it is a big pain for my applications. Has this been fixed in the latest release Flo? - culyun
  2. I successfully burnt the same flacs to cd with express burn, so it's not some artifact of the file format..
  3. I can confirm the report. CD Burner XP Pro .NET v2.0.50727 and v3.0 XP SP 2 plus patches Intel Core 2 T7200, 2GB RAM I made a gapless audio CD from a sequence of 1-minute long stereo FLAC files. The files are a constant position stereo recording of a speaker (r-ch) and his interpreter (l-ch). The tracks on the audio cd swap stereo position every track. Kinna a neat effect, but a bug none the less. I have attached two flac files to illustrate the problem. Since this forum doesn't allow flac files I had to rename them with a txt extension.. Great sw btw & )
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