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  1. Hi, Just want to say thanks for the CDBurnerXP program and for your efforts in it's development and on-going maintenance.
  2. Sure thing. Sorry! viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8280
  3. Hi, Please see my entry in the Drive incompatability Forum. On my machine, CDBurner hangs/locks-up when I try to burn a CD - I have to use TaskMgr to terminate it. Additionally, it does not release the CD/DVD for use by anything else afterward, a full shutdown must be performed in order to get the CD/DVD available again. Complete information is available in the Post I made in the Drive Incompatability forum. I'll be glad to work with you to resolve this issue if you want.
  4. HI again, Well, You've definately got a bug in the software. I thought that maybe my problem was caused because of my DVD burner being a SATA and conflicting with the Raid on my machine, which is also SATA. I was going to order an IDE device but decided to try another piece of software to see if it gave me the same problems. I used a program called IMGBURN and it worked perfectly; which indicates to me that you are doing something ( or failing to so something ) that they are not. I've been using CDBURNER-XP Pro for years on an IDE unit and never had a Problem, I like your user interface
  5. Hi, I've got an ASUS MamaBd with an NVidia GEforce 7050 chipset and an Intel Core2Duo CPU. I'm running a Raid1 system and have a Sata Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S Drive. Everything usually works fine. BUT I can't copy CD's using CDXPPro. Whenever I try it reads the Source data just fine, but then hangs up trying to write it back out to a blank. At that point I have to reboot my machine. I tried to use TManager to kill the CDXPro process but it doesn't clear out. I was looking for another DVD/CD writer but haven't found any yet that are on your list - and after reading some of the entries
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