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  1. Hello! I think that something is wrong with the latest version... I downloaded Ultimate BootCD 5.2.9 ISO and CDBurnerXP fails to write it on CD at the beginning of burning destroying the disk. With the previous version, everything works fine. I use Windows 8.1 Pro x64... and my RW device is Plextor PX800A Is it a bug for sure or I only get this problem? Thank you!
  2. Yes, UltraISO imports every image that it can open to CDBurnerXP so you can burn it directly...
  3. Hello! I have problems burning ISZ images through UltraISO. Latest version of UltraISO detects CDBurnerXP as burning application and when I open an image with UltraISO, when I push the button to burn it, it automatically imports it to CDBurnerXP and I burn it to disk. But, when I try to burn an ISZ image, CDBurnerXP burns it, but the disk is unreadable. The CD/DVD is burned, but it does not work. Has anyone else this problem? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello! I would like just to mention that about one and a half year, the greek translator "George Papadopoulos" has stopped translating into the greek language. So, the last one and a half year the person who translates into the greek language is "Bobotis Antonis", so I would like to be in "About" section of CDBurnerXP. Please just inform me if it is ok. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello, new updated Greek translation over the net!!
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